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School Prayer


God our Father in heaven,

By your grace you have given us all that is good.

Thank you for our Catholic community of faith, love and learning.

As we gather here under the guidance of Mary, our Mother,

help us to seek your wisdom and courage

so that we can learn to be more like Jesus, your Son.

May our classrooms be filled with discovery,

our playgrounds filled with joy,

our futures filled with hope and

our hearts filled with love.

Our Lady Help of Christians, pray for us.




Parish Prayer

God, our Father, We thank you for the gift of your Son, 
Our Lord Jesus Christ 
and the light of the Holy Spirit, who dwells in all of us. 
Guard over our lives and guide us, 
in our work and study, recreation and growth; 
and in all our thoughts, words and actions. 
With the gentle and loving help of the Blessed Virgin Mary, 
Our Mother in Heaven, 
teach us to always seek her wisdom and in our hearts to love You, 
today and always.