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Behaviour Management - PB4L


Our school rules are:


  • Be Safe
  • Be Respectful
  • Be an Active Learner


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The PB4L framework provides a broad range of systematic and individualised strategies for achieving important social and learning outcomes while preventing problem behaviour with students. This approach is owned by everyone, with strong data to support the development of strategies and practices to build a “positive behaviour culture” that strengthens the social and emotional well being of all students.


A representative from each section of the staff body are part of the planning team who focuses on preventative strategies such as school wide reward systems and procedures, routines and strategies, which foster appropriate behaviours. It also focuses on corrective strategies with steps for managing inappropriate/ disruptive behaviours in the classroom, playground using low to high level interventions. It is the redesign of environments, not the redesign of individuals. Supportive strategies are put in place with additional support procedures and processes for more difficult student behaviour. Follow up and procedures are clear and simple to follow for all staff members.


Expected behaviours are modeled and explicitly taught for each area of the school.

Behaviour Modification Flowchart

Behaviour Incident Notice